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TabPlayer 6.0 is the blistering-hot king of guitar tablature editors! With TabPlayer you can view, write, edit, print, search for and even play your standard .txt tab files!

Version 2008.06.06

For Windows XP, Vista, Seven

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Main Features With TabPlayer 6.0 you can manage your tab files like you've never done before! You can play tabs, search for songs on the internet, listen to CDs and mp3 files, learn chords with the integrated chord dictionary and much more!

Edit & Play Your Tabs TabPlayer can write, play, edit, convert, format and export your tablature in plain text files you can save in your computer or publish on the internet.

Learn songs in minutes! With TabPlayer you can learn fast! Let the mp3 player highlight and loop on a solo while you keep on playing along with your guitar!! TabPlayer will prevent you from doing anything else than playing.

Find any tab you need! Need to learn a song?? No hay problema! TabPlayer can search for a song or a band name on more than 10 different tablature sites, opening your browser on the correct page.

Illustrated Chord Dictionary The built-in illustrated chord dictionary provides you with more than 1000+ chords and variants. You won't need to check anything else. Just choose the chord and play, insert or edit it.
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TabPlayer is now freeware.

"Registrations" and donations are no longer accepted.

TabPlayer has turned into "abandonware" and will not be developed anymore.

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